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Murder Is Easy – Agatha Christie


Agatha Christie

Chapter 1

England! England after many years! How was he going to like it? Luke Fitzwilliam asked himself that question as he walked down the gangplank to the dock. It was present at the back of his mind all through the wait in the customs shed. It came suddenly to the fore when he was finally seated in the boat train. Here he was, honorably retired on a pension, with some small private means of his own, a gentleman of leisure, come home to England. What was he going to do with himself? With an effort, Luke Fitzwilliam averted his eyes from the landscape outside the railway-carriage window and settled down to a perusal of the papers he had just bought. The Times, the Daily Clarion and Punch.

He started with the Daily Clarion. The Clarion was given over entirely to Epsom.

He had drawn a horse in the club sweep and he looked now to see what the Clarion’s racing correspondent thought of its chances. He found it dismissed contemptuously in a sentence:

Of the others, Jujube the II, Mark’s Mile, Santony and Jerry Boy are hardly likely to qualify for a place. A likely outsider is –

But Luke paid no attention to the likely outsider. His eye had shifted to the betting. Jujube the II was listed at a modest 40 to 1. He glanced at his watch. A quarter to four.

“Well,” he thought, “it’s over now.” And he wished he’d had a bet on Clarigold, who was the second favorite.

Then he opened the Times and became absorbed in more serious matters. A full half hour afterward the train slowed down and finally stopped. Luke looked out of the window.

They were in a large empty-looking station with many platforms. He caught sight of a bookstall some way up the platform with a placard DERBY RESULT. Luke opened the door, jumped out, and ran toward the bookstall. A moment later he was staring with a broad grin at a few smudged lines in the stop press.

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