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The Hollow – Agatha Christie


Agatha Christie

Chapter 1

At 6:13 a.m. on a Friday morning Lucy Angkatell’s big blue eyes opened upon another day, and as always, she was at once wide awake and began immediately to deal with the problems conjured up by her incredibly active mind. Feeling urgently the need of consultation and conversation, and selecting for the purpose her young cousin Midge Hardcastle, who had arrived at The Hollow the night before, Lady Angkatell slipped quickly out of bed, threw a negligee round her still graceful shoulders, and went along the passage to Midge’s room. Since she was a woman of disconcertingly rapid thought processes, Lady Angkatell, as was her invariable custom, commenced the conversation in her own mind, supplying Midge’s answers out of her own fertile imagination.

The conversation was in full swing when Lady Angkatell flung open Midge’s door.

“-And so, darling, you really must agree that the weekend is going to present difficulties!”

“Eh? Hwah?” Midge grunted inarticulately, aroused thus abruptly from a satisfying and deep sleep.

Lady Angkatell crossed to the window, opening the shutters and jerking up the blind with a brisk movement, letting in the pale light of a September dawn.

“Birds!” she observed, peering with kindly pleasure through the pane.

“So sweet.”


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