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The Son of Tarzan

The Son Of Tarzan

Edgar Rice Burroughs

To Hulbert Burroughs

Chapter 1

The long boat of the Marjorie W. was floating down the broad Ugambi

with ebb tide and current. Her crew were lazily enjoying this

respite from the arduous labor of rowing up stream. Three miles

below them lay the Marjorie W. herself, quite ready to sail so

soon as they should have clambered aboard and swung the long boat

to its davits. Presently the attention of every man was drawn from

his dreaming or his gossiping to the northern bank of the river.

There, screaming at them in a cracked falsetto and with skinny arms

outstretched, stood a strange apparition of a man.

“Wot the ‘ell?” ejaculated one of the crew.

“A white man!” muttered the mate, and then: “Man the oars, boys,

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