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They do it with mirrors – Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie – They Do It With Mirrors


Mrs Van Rydock moved a little back from the mirror and sighed.

‘Well, that’ll have to do,’ she murmured. ‘Think it’s all right, Jane?’

Miss Marple eyed the Lanvanelli creation appraisingly.

‘It seems to me a very beautiful gown,’ she said.

‘The gown’s all right,’ said Mrs Van Rydock and sighed.

‘Take if off, Stephanie,’ she said.

The elderly maid with the grey hair and the small pinched mouth eased the gown carefully up over Mrs Van Rydock’s upstretched arms.

Mrs Van Rydock stood in front of the glass in her peach satin slip. She was exquisitely corseted. Her still shapely legs were encased in fine nylon stockings. Her face, beneath a layer of cosmetics and constantly toned up by massage, appeared almost girlish at a slight distance.

Her hair was less grey than tending to hydrangea blue and was perfectly set. It was practically impossible when looking at Mrs Van Rydock to imagine what she would be like in a natural state. Everything that money could do had been done for her – reinforced by diet, massage, and constant exercises.

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