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Ordeal by innocence – Agatha Christie


Agatha Christie

Chapter 1

It was dusk when he came to the ferry.

He could have been there much earlier. The truth was, he had put it off as long as he could.

First his luncheon with friends in Redquay; the light desultory conversation, the interchange of gossip about mutual friends – all that had meant only that he was inwardly shrinking from what he had to do. His friends had invited him to stay on for tea and he had accepted. But at last the time had come when he knew that he could put things off no longer.

The car he had hired was waiting. He said goodbye and left to drive the seven miles along the crowded coast road and then inland down the wooded lane that ended at the little stone quay on the river.

There was a large bell there which his driver rang vigorously to summon the ferry from the far side.

“You won’t be wanting me to wait, sir?”

“No,” said Arthur Calgary. “I’ve ordered a car to meet me over there in an hour’s time – to take me to Drymouth.”

The man received his fare and tip. He said, peering across the river in the gloom: “Ferry’s coming now, sir.”

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